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Street food and motorbike tours in Saigon in 4 Hours


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To Discover Saigon By Motorbike In 4 Hours

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The Connect Culture Co., LTD is such a diverse team of tour guides who are experienced and passionate for traveling, discovering history, cultures and cuisine in Saigon. We are aim to not only provide you with a fantastic and impressive trip in Saigon with traveling by motorbikes, eating local dishes and connecting with local people in rural places, but also bring you unique experience about the local Vietnamese and their lives, culture and belief with exploring the weird and crazy aspects likes special Tours that hit you full force while cruising pillion through the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, which is the best time for you to understand Vietnam deeply “Like a local” and “From different look”with us:


Saigon Unseen at Midnight Tour, Midnight Street Food Tour, City tour at night, Slum Tour, Market Tour, Ghost Tour, Coffee Tour, Crazy Street Food Tour, Bar Tour, Maze Tour, Religious Tour………


Saigon Unseen And Street Food Tour, Saigon Unseen Tour, Saigon by night, Photo tour, Walking Tour, Chinatown Tour…….


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Before booking any tour, In our “Booking Form” please tell us that you know us from Cycle Resto (Chef Vu Cooking Class).



 Cu chi Tunnel tour

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Cu chi tunnel - Cooking class 

& Motorbike full day tour

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