Cooking Class and Sidecar in Cu Chi Tunnels area

Small group : 60$ per person

(Start: - 9:00 AM       ------      Return; - 5:00PM)


Trip highlight
  • Sidecar is ancient car in second world war would a balance of motorbike and car

  • Sidecar take you around village, where tunnels underground.

  • Cooking class in open view and have meal (what cooked yourself) in rubber plantation.

  • Discover Cu Chi tunnels with many years experienced tour guide.


At 9:00AM chef Vu will pick you up from your hotel in Private car and take you along 22 highway about 1 hour to beginning of Cu Chi tunnels area. And then we change by Sidecar,  driving around village where real tunnel still underground to cooking place.

Continuing to Cu Chi tunnels by sidecar to visit tunnels system about one and half hours. Moreover, you understand secret entrances, bamboo traps, bobby traps, air hole, back walk sandal and crawl inside real tunnels.

After you go back to Saigon center to self-cook under chef Vu’s direction and have lunch (what cooked yourself) 


After tunnels we take you back 30-minute sidecar  trip to high way and change by luxurious car to your hotel around 5:00PM.



Small group cooking class 

Menu 1

  • Bok choy soup with shrimp
  • Sauced pock ribs in pumpkin 
  • Stir fried vegetables with garlic
  • Fried rice with egg

Menu 2

  • Chicken noodles soup
  • Mango salad
  • Vietnamese pancake
  • Stir fried morning glory with garlic

Menu 3

  • Chicken steamed rice noodles soup
  • Banana flower salad
  • Pancake
  • Stir fried vegetables

Menu 4

  • Mango salad
  • Fried chicken with lemongrass
  • Fried rice with garlic
  • Stir fried vegetables

 Cu chi Tunnel tour

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Cooking class  - sidecar 

in Cu Chi tunnel area

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